The last episode of Season 1 of TFYN Podcast! We are talking about Thanksgiving with Ali who also happens to be an amazing chef. She loves Thanksgiving and is offering some tips. She also welcomes any Thanksgiving questions you might haver through her company's Facebook page Ends + Stems! You can also sign up for her free recipes complete with shopping lists at endsandstems.com!

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Early in this week's conversation we discuss Ali entering a pitch contest to help raise funding for her new site Ends + Stems. Then we move on to the Great Santa Debate! We had no idea this was as big of an issue as it is until Ali saw a thread on her mom's group board that got vicious. People were seriously angry! So what do you tell your kid about Santa? What do you do if a kid tells your kid Santa isn't real? How did the concept of Santa become such a stressful topic?




The Friend You Need, Episode 39: Fall TV Review 

So, Angela actually wishes she could be a professional TV reviewer. Lets give her a platform. She watched all the shows and took copius notes, listen in to compare your faves and be sure to let us know what you think. There's also a segment on Maggie Gyllenhall's boobs...so....don't miss!



This episode we get a quick recap on Ang's trip to Hawaii where she stayed at Disney's Aulani Resort. Spoiler: It was fun. She is tired. And wonders why people without kids go to a Disney Hotel?

The ladies also talk about real life ghost stories! Ali has some spooky haunted tales that she's experienced first hand and Ang has one that her family experienced. You will get in Halloween spirit with this fun episode of The Friend You Need.

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The Friend You Need Podcast
Episode 37: Women of Halloween 

This week we have our friend and maker extrodinaire, Erin Rosenow on to discuss strong female Halloween Costumes for little girls...and lots of other fun diversions. Erin is a soiree stylist and maker of things, she can be found @frittsrosenow




This week we are talking about pregnancy myths (or are they truths?)!

Ali is pregnant with #2 and has learned it's actually true what they say about each pregancy being different! Angela has only been pregnant once and that was enough for her.  

We found a blog post where a woman talks about common pregancy myths and while we agreed with some, we also disagreed with a few. Join us as we go the list! 

Did you agree with the list? Would you add anything? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you!



The Friend You need Podcast: Episode 35, Homeless in SF

This episode was recorded in the Cole Haan Sponsored Recording Booth at Werk It: A Women's Podcast Festival. 

Guys, we have a real recording booth and sound editor! This was so much fun, even though Angela was so nervous she *almost* needed a vodka shot first. The Werk It Festival in general was great, but recording professionally was ceratinly a highlight. (and Cole Haan asked for our addresses shoe sizes....one can dream)

On this relatively short episode we talk about the homeless population in San Francisco and try to figure out how to talk to our kids about it. Admittedly, we bring up more questions than offer solutions but hey, it can't be solved in 25 minutes. 

What are you thoughts/tips for talking to little ones, or your feelings as an ubran resident about the situation? 



The Friend You Need Podcast, Episode 34: Royals

What is with those royals? Do we have anything similar in America? Are you upset by Meghan Markle...why?! Ali thinks Princess Kate is boring and no fun. This week we're diving in to the tradition of the British Royal Family.

But, we start closer to home with instagram influencers, Kid Rock and other reasons why Michigan is becoming the next Florida...its not too late to check yourself MI.



The Friend You Need Podcast
Episode 33: EARTHQUAKE!!!!

We both live in an earthquake zone, in fact, "the big one" is inevitable. Most of you live where some natural disaster can strike. And doesn't the planet just seem to be raging? Lets talk disaster kit, preparedness, level of freakout, and why you should act. What are you doing to prepare yourself and your family? I know that this weekend, I need to revise my kit!

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The Friend You Need: Episode 32: What's One More Kid?

Ali's family is 20 week away from meeting baby #2; Anglea's One and Done Thankyouverymuch. This week we're talking about the big decision to throw another kid in the mix. Why? Why not? What have other illustrous commentors said on this issue? And, potentially the most fun, we're calling out the jerks who say dumb things like not giving your kid a sibling is selfish. (If you're one of those people, maybe don't listen). 
*IF you're wondering about have ZERO KIDS, go back to episode 7, where we talk about whether or not to have ANY kids. Its a different conversation. 
**IF you're wondering about having 3 or more kids? We don't have any episodes for you and can't relate. 



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