Episode 26: Hierarchy of What to Care About
The Friend You Need Podcast

To anyone paying attention to the world around them, it seems there are SO MANY things to care about...that are asking for donations, volunteer time or that just need your input to fix. But, I'm going to guess you're tired and busy and on something of a budget - pulled in 20 directions. How do you decide what's most important? How do you decide to work with a certain cause over another? Or, do you just do nothing because of decision paralysis?

This has been weighing on Ali's mind as she participates in a business start up class and is working to a launch a socially conscious business in the next few weeks. Turning to Ang for a meaningful conversation about what matters and how we decide these things helps find clarity.

We'd LOVE to hear what you think.

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The Friend You Need: Self Care

They say the milenials are more in tune with taking care of themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically than any generation before them. Are you one? Do you agree? 
We talk about our favorite ways to recharge the batteries on vacation and off vacation, long term and short term. Also, that parents need to put on their own oxygen mask before helping others. If you don't have time to care for yourself, how can you possibly be your best for others?

So, listen up! Share with a friend and book a mani/pedi this week!

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The Friend You Need Podcast, Episode 24: Body Image...From the Archives

Angela has taken off on vacation and so we've decided to release an older episode this week. One of our favorites and a topic that can't possible get enough attention. Body Image. Specifically, how do we talk to each other, ourselves and our young daughters. 

Enjoy! And we'll see you next week with a true vacation episode, recorded from Nantucket!

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The Friend You Need, Episode 23: Mom Shaming

This series of articles came to our attention and we wanted to weigh in. We follow some of these "slummy mummies" in question and think they're rather refreshing. So the critic's takedown of their "real life" depiction of motherhood and all of its ups and downs was a surprise. However, her Britishness comes through in the best way and Ali's obesessed with her writing...despite her ideas.
Mom shaming is real and it sucks in all of its forms. Most parents, especially moms, have witnessed this at one point or another. We're not interested in it but it does make for a great conversation. Tell us what you think! Or tell us your best (aka worst) experience with mom shaming!
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The Friend You Need  Episode 22: Feminist Psychotherapy with Abigail Kira

We are thrilled share with you this episode! We interview Abigail Kira about Feminist Psychotherapy and her practice of marriage and family counseling. Did you know FP is a thing? So cool. We could have talked to Abigail all day, please let us know if you have follow up questions and we'll be back with more. 

Check Abigail's FREE 3 minute destress on her website and learn some tips. I went through this recently and its super cool. http://www.abigailkira.com/start/

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The Friend You Need: Episode 21: 4th of July! Throwback Episode

This week we're revisiting a fun early episode. If you've joined us in the past few months (thanks!), get to know us personally, a little better with this Q:A episode. Ali and Angela prepared a questions for each other and share answers. Play along, send us your answers - if you could have dinner with anyone living or dead, who would you choose and why? 

We're haning out in LA for this 4th of July weekend and kick things off with an Airbnb story for your listneing pleasure. 


Happy 4th Everyone! Stay Safe, but definitely light some sparklers. 

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The Friend You Need, Episode 20: Penis and Vagina

Penis penis penis. Vagina vagina vagina. Just say it! This week we talk about the controversial (or obvious, in our case) issue of naming baby's private parts. The Atlantic published this article about what we call our body parts and at the same time, Ali's crazy mom facebook group tackled a situation where certain members didn't think you should use grown up terms. Uh, no. Lets call an elbow an elbow please and do NOT call it a cookie. 

We also talk about staying at home with toddlers (omg, I'm tired), women in the workplace, and our favorite summer things! 

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The Friend You Need
Episode 19: Investing with Brian Feroldi 

LADIES - start investing. Don't leave this up to your male partners or wait until you're older. MotleyFool writer and investment expert, Brian Feroldi takes us through common getting started questions and statistic on why it is and is not great to women investing. 

Brian is the first man on TFYN. Going down in the history books folks. You don't want to miss this one.

In the intro we talk about our dads and discuss our husbands', who are newly dads, expectations for Father's Day. 

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The Friend You Need: Episode 18 Birthdays

It can't be helped, this episode begins with another and article and rehasing of 13 Reasons Why because there are so many opinions and Ali still can't find people to debate with in person. call me.

Ramona is 2; Ellie is 3; Ryan is 35: everyone around is adding another notch on their bedpost. We've looked into the most common birthdays statitstically, found some fun birthday stats like when the first invite was sent out, and set crazy moms who go in debt and stress level MAX straight and (hopefully) help them chill the F out.  

Join us for a party of an episode! and please, tweet us, leave us a message on facebook or insta and tell us about the craziest kid party you've heard of or where you draw the line. 

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The Friend You Need Episode 17: Interview, Founder of Pretty Collected

Do you binge Shark Tank, devour "how to start a business" books, dream of working from home and for yourself, telling your boss that today is your last day? This week we interview the amazing Michelle Solano, mom, inspiration, and entrepreneur to hear all about how she launched her business and what's she's up to now. 

Check out her site, Pretty Collected, buy yourself a sassy mug, fill it with (Michelle's choice, vodka) and start planning how to launch your business today! Michelle's approachable yet knowledgable advice is sure to have you registering domain names today. 

Ali and Ang also discuss how our expose episode on Daylight Saving Time has come to the ballet in California and our instagram editing techniques...or lack there of. 

Enter to win some loot from Pretty Collected on instagram, be sure to follow us for details @thefriendyouneed_pod  @pretty_collected

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