The Friend You Need: Episode 18 Birthdays

It can't be helped, this episode begins with another and article and rehasing of 13 Reasons Why because there are so many opinions and Ali still can't find people to debate with in person. call me.

Ramona is 2; Ellie is 3; Ryan is 35: everyone around is adding another notch on their bedpost. We've looked into the most common birthdays statitstically, found some fun birthday stats like when the first invite was sent out, and set crazy moms who go in debt and stress level MAX straight and (hopefully) help them chill the F out.  

Join us for a party of an episode! and please, tweet us, leave us a message on facebook or insta and tell us about the craziest kid party you've heard of or where you draw the line. 

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The Friend You Need Episode 17: Interview, Founder of Pretty Collected

Do you binge Shark Tank, devour "how to start a business" books, dream of working from home and for yourself, telling your boss that today is your last day? This week we interview the amazing Michelle Solano, mom, inspiration, and entrepreneur to hear all about how she launched her business and what's she's up to now. 

Check out her site, Pretty Collected, buy yourself a sassy mug, fill it with (Michelle's choice, vodka) and start planning how to launch your business today! Michelle's approachable yet knowledgable advice is sure to have you registering domain names today. 

Ali and Ang also discuss how our expose episode on Daylight Saving Time has come to the ballet in California and our instagram editing techniques...or lack there of. 

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The Friend You Need Episode 16: Adulting? 

What is adulting? Are we adults? Super fun conversation digging into this crazy modern term. Ali and Angela debate whether is funny, annoying, pathetic, or a little bit of all of the above. We share the first moments we felt truly like adults and also Barbara Torres calls and we don't pick up! 

Our partners in this episode are Madbury Road, makers of gorgeous, affordable, high quality outdoor furniture. @madburyroad

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The Friend You Need Episode 15: On Marriage

This week, marriage vs. dating. If you live together first is that better or worse for your longterm status? Does marriage even matter anymore? Why we changed our names and how we reconcile that with being feminists. 

Also: The hit, yet controversal show #13ReasonsWhy. Who's seen it? Please contact Ali and talk about it with her, she can't find anyone to review it with her. Are you the friend she needs? 

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The Friend You Need
Episode 14: Conflicted on Mother's Day 

Its Mother's Day! But what happens if you don't have a mother or are estranged from yours; where do you fit in on this holiday? What do we want and what should we expect as moms this weekend?

M-Day 2017 marks the 4 years since Ali and her mom haven't really spoken. Drawing these harsh boundaries is hard and today we talk about the implications and images of Mom in society. Also covered, as two new moms we're considering our expectations and relationship to a new holiday celebrating us. 

Have a less than amazing relationship with mom? Or have your lost you mom somehow? Join us. Also reach out, let us know how you celebrate this holiday.

Special shout out to all of the amazing moms and mom figures in our lives! We love you. 





The Friend You Need
Episode 13: Kirsten Shaw, Coach 

Ali and Ang interview Kirsten Shaw, a life/business coach and founder of Sunset Social in San Francisco. But don't call her a life coach...she's so much more! 

This is the first of many interviews, upcoming we have a successful Etsy shop owner, an investment and financial advisor, and a wildly crafty entrepreneur. 

Also, we review Hamilton SF. (Spoiler alert - it was amazing!)

You can find Kirsten Inc. and info about her Spring Coaching Special here and if you're in SF, join us at the Sunset Social!

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The Friend You Need: Episode 12

Fun with feeding toddlers! Isn't it everyone's favorite time of the day? Ali is a professional chef so this is near and dear to her heart and she's determined not to have a picky eater...but can any of us really do anything to avoid the power struggle that is dinner time? We would LOVE to hear your struggles, successes and tactics - write us on twitter @tfyn_podcast, insta @thefriendyouneed and on facebook! Or, you can email us through the website. It takes a village and we want you in ours! 

Also featured an amazing debate around the viral mom who says her kid doesn't have to share with your nasty kid at the playground. #mykidisnotrequiredtoshare #scarymommy 



The Friend You Need Episode 11: Social Media

We're a start up podcast trying to build a community and find friends out there...so we took to social media. Wow, is it a challenge to navigate. We've had some ups and downs but so many questions have come up along the way and we're here to debate the merits and downsides to building your instagram feed and what you post on Facebook. I'm sure you have some feelings on this. Take a listen and tweet us or send us a message. We really want to hear from you! Obviously, go find us on insta (@thefriendyouneed), facebook and twitter (@tfyn_podcast)! 



The Friend You Need Episode 10: Losing My Religion

One of Ali's favorite topics comes up today on Easter. What does it mean to be religious...or not? If you're not religious, are you spiritual at least? What does that even mean?! How do we make sense of life, society and history as it relates to religion or not having any? Man, there's so much to unpack here we'll surely have to do a second episode but for now, we discover new beliefs in each other and we hear how Ali will react to her daughter coming home born again. 


The Friend You Need Episode 9 is LIVE FROM L.A.

Recorded together! From a ladies' weekend in L.A, with Special Guest Kate. Production credit to Amanda. We're talking adult friendships, mom friends, and making connections beyond your husband as an adult. How do you ask a new friend out? How do you keep it up? Do we even need friends? (uh, hell yes.) Between popping bottles of champagne, we managed a super fun, first ever, live episode today. Also, check out the behind the scenes recording of this episode on Facebook Live @thefriendyouneedpodcast on facebook.


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